Update to Print formats and downloading


As of 09/04/2014 we have made significant changes to how downloadable PDFs of your playbooks are created.  In an effort to speed up the process and give you more control we made the following changes:

1.  Downloads are no longer AUTOMATICALLY generated every time you save your playbook.  We found that coaches were saving their playbooks much more often than they needed to download, so this was a huge waste of processing power

2.  You can now generate a new PDF download of your playbook on demand, when you are ready to download for printing you can generate the PDF.

3.  You can have more control over the PDF format, you can choose the layout as well as if you want your routes and players in color and you can choose to show the full color field background, the black and white background or no background at all.


We hope these changes help speed things up for everyone and gives you a little bit more control over the entire download process.


You can read the updated download instructions here:


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