Turning Off Compatibility Mode in IE


When Internet Explorer 8 was released, a great feature was built into it called Compatibility Mode. Because IE8 was so new, some older websites didn’t look quite right in IE8–Compatibility Mode enabled people to fix how some older webpages were rendering in this newer version of IE.

Compatibility Mode toggles older browser rendering rules, so this made sense when IE8 was hot off the press.

Fast forward to today when IE11 exists. Now most page designs have caught up to or surpassed Internet Explorer rendering capabilities. As a result, Compatibility Mode breaks more design elements than it fixes. And in fact, if Compatibility Mode is on, your Playbook Designer user interface can end up missing certain elements, especially icons.

The fix is rather simple: turn off Compatibility Mode. Here’s how to do that:

If you currently have Compatibility View enabled, you will see the Compatibility View button in your address bar; when highlighted in blue, this means that Compatibility View is turned on.  Simply click this button to selectively disable Compatibility View.

Compatibility Mode Button

To disable this view for all webpages, select Tools, then Compatibility View Settings in the Menu bar.

Tools Menu, Compatibility View Settings

In the Compatibility View Settings Dialog Box, remove the check mark for Display all Websites in Compatibility View.


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