Working with Multiple Devices or Locations


You can access your playbooks from any modern device with an internet connection, so you can edit your playbooks on multiple devices.

While this is a great feature that allows you a great deal of flexibility there is one pitfall you need to be aware of.

You should always start each session on a device with a fresh login, especially if you are switching between devices.

Imagine the scenario below:

It is a Friday afternoon and you decide to make some changes to your playbook on your Ipad or laptop before leaving the office, you save your changes but you leave the browser and playbook open.

Over the weekend you open up your playbook on your desktop at home, make some changes and save them, all is well so far.

Then Monday morning you decide to make more changes using your iPad or laptop that you used on Friday afternoon, NOW HERE IS WHERE YOU CAN GET IN TROUBLE.

You left the iPad open all weekend, so it only has the changes you made on Friday, it has no way of knowing you made a bunch of changes over the weekend on a different device.  You make a small change and hit save on your ipad, and now you have overwritten all of your changes you made during the weekend.


But Why?

Your ipad or device you used on Friday only had the most recent version of the playbook as of Friday when you opened it, being web based it has no idea that you opened it up over the weekend from a different device, so when you saved from it again Monday you saved the playbook using the data from Friday, which would not contain any of the data for your changes made over the weekend.


So how can I use multiple devices safely?

You can and it is very simple.

  1. When you are done editing on any device make sure you save your changes on that device and then logout and close that browser window
  2. Make sure you start each new editing session from a different device with a brand new session.  Meaning if you did not logout and close the window last time, do so before making any changes.

The bottom line is if you always logout and close the browser window when you are done and start back each time with a fresh login you will not have any trouble.


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