Differences between formations, playbooks and plays


There are 3 different concepts that you should know to make sure you are getting the most out of CoachYouths Football Playbook Designer:



What is a Formation?

A formation is a drawing that you can use as a base for your play drawings.  It will consist of your players and their basic settings, positioning, etc.  It can be thought of as a "template" that you can use over and over to draw a play.  You would not add line drawings or routes to a formation.


What is a Playbook?

A playbook is a collection of plays, and you can have many playbooks, each with different plays, you can also create copies of playbooks and draw them up against different defenses or offenses which is a very simple way to game plan for each of your opponents.


What is a Play?

A play is the full drawing illustrating the exact execution of your play, it will contain all of your players, their positioning, appearance and assignment text.  You will use Formations as the starting point for each of your plays.


How do I use Formations to Create Plays?

Once you have created your custom formations (or you can use any of our preset formations), you can create a playbook and add plays.  When you add a play you can select the formation you want to use and it will be used as the starting point for your play.


For more information about creating playbooks and plays, please watch our video tutorial:



For more information about formations, we also have a video tutorial:


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